TimesToCome Mobile Apps

Save a Quote

Keep your favorite inspirational quotes handy

I had short notes and quotes all over my phone and computer. They were stuffed in eBook readers, note takers, whatever I happened to be using at the time I found it. It soon became impossible to find any specific one. This app is a place to store them all easily, safely in one location

- Keep all your favorite quotes in one place
- Categorize your quotes in categories you define

- Receive a quote sent to you in a daily alert at the hour of your choosing
- Get a random quote whenever you like
- Get random quote alerts only from a specific category

- Font size adjusts to your preferred font size setting

- Twitter your quotes
- Post your quotes to Facebook
- Make a friend's day by texting him an interesting quote
- Email a quote to a friend

- Email all your quotes to yourself for safe keeping or use in other software
- Save the source so you can track it down or use it elsewhere
- Keep your quotes local or sync them using iCloud
- Universal app, use it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad