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Fit Test!

Do you know what shape your shape is in?

I thought I was in great shape. Then my friends started having heart attacks.

I began digging through military fitness requirements and medical papers to see how fit you should be at each age

How surprised I was to find out I wasn't in the shape I thought I was.

- Check your BMI and Body Fat
- Find your aerobic fitness (V02max), with a 12 minute run test
- See what your aerobic fitness should be for your age
- Test your strength with pushups and situps
- Find your flexibility by reaching for your toes
- Find out your body surface area and hip to waist ratio
- Email test results to yourself or a client.
- Easy to use, no special equipment is needed
- US and or Metric
- Save your weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass to HealthKit
- Universal App, runs on your iPhone, iPod or iPad


Body Mass Index has been used since the 1980s, BMI greatly improved weight information over standard height and weight tables.

Body Fat
Because BMI alone can't tell if you are carrying muscle or fat on your frame. The YMCA and Navy body fat tests are 97% accurate for most people.

Waist to Hips Ratio
Waist to hips ratio tells how much of your body fat is stored around your stomach. This is a strong indicator of mortality, fertility, and attractiveness.

Body Surface Area
This is used to obtain a more accurate medicine dose. The four most commonly used calculators are averaged to calculate your body surface area.

12 Minute Run Test
Because you should be able to run far enough fast enough to save your life.
Just measure how far you can walk, jog or run in 12 minutes
Find out your VO2Max ( Used by cardiologists to measure heart fitness and the effect of your aerobic routine on your heart's fitness.)
Find out your maximum sustainable running speed based on your VO2Max
Find out how far you should be able to travel in 12 minutes

Pushups and Situps Strength Test
Used by every military force to test overall strength fitness. Measure your core and upper body strength.

Modified Reach Test
Used since the 1950s to test flexibility. Good flexibility reduces injuries and improves mobility. More importantly, flexibility outside is a very good indication of artery flexibility.

The best fountain of health and youth is exercise. Live long and prosper by getting your shape in shape.

Updated to let your store your weight, BMI, body fat, lean muscle mass in HealthKit

Take the Fit Test and see what condition your condition is in