TimesToCome Mobile

Exercise Calculator

A personal trainer way up north in the land of ice and snow asked me to to develop an app based on the Compendium of Physical Activities for him to use with his clients. This is it.

- Track your daily exercise - over 130 built in exercises
- See a monthly graph of METs and pounds burned off exercising
- Find how how many calories you are really eating with out counting calories.
- Get the recommended daily calorie intake for your height, weight, sex, and age
- See just how few calories you can remove each day to reach your goal weight
- See just how many miles of walking that cookie is going to cost you

- iCloud enabled, store your data local or in the cloud
- US or Metric units.
- Universal app, runs natively on your iPhone, iPod or iPad

(MET is the metabolic equivalent of task which is just the energy cost of a physical activity)

The US Government recently did a very large study and found out 3 METs a day keeps you healthy and keeps the weight off, but 6 METs need to be burned to lose weight. (Gov't study)

I've found 6 METs every other day removes weight faster than 3 METs every day.