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I’ve loved smart phones since the I could hook my Palm Pilot into a Minstral Modem. It couldn’t make calls, but who uses a smart phone to make calls? I loved my Palm 650 and if they’d only given me a larger screen and GPS I’d’ve stayed with them forever. But alas that was not to be.

I tried Windows Mobile Phones after giving up on Palm and while they do everything under the sun Apple stole my heart with its second version of the iPhone.

This site is a place for me to share tips, interesting news stories, and the information about the apps I’m currently producing for the iPhone.

Me, I’ve been in Houston since May 2005 but spent the rest of my life in Boston. I have Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Physics, and a Master of Science in Physics.

When I’m not messing with gadgets and writing iPhone apps I garden, run, swim, bike and get out into the wilderness to take photos. When time allows I study machine learning and neurology.

I can be contacted by email or by twittering times_to_come