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The best of the iOS7 tips and tricks

1) In messages, in a conversation swipe right to left and hold to see the time the message was sent.

2) In Safari, tap bookmarks, see the ‘@’ at the top right? Tap that to see links in your Twitter feed

3) Settings->Privacy->Advertising – Limit Ad Tracking

4) Settings->Phone->Blocked ( I set up one contact and put all the spam numbers in there, then blocked the spam contact )

5) Set up a silent ringtone for contacts you don’t want to hear from

6) Push alerts up to make them vanish – no more waiting for the 5 second time out

7) Calendar list view is still here, tap the search button at the top of calendar to view your list

8) Tap the temperature in the weather application to get humidity, wind speed, chance of rain information.

Apple just started an iPhone 5S Tips and Tricks page