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iPhone 5 iOS 6 tips and tricks

1) To quickly lock your device click the power off button

2) To quickly open the camera when the device is locked -> click the power off button -> swipe up on the camera icon next to the unlock slider at the bottom

3) To change the volume while locked double click the home button

4) To add keyboard shortcuts ( type a few letters and it will autofill in the rest of the text for you ) go to Settings->General->Keyboard->Shortcuts

5) To dictate Siri must be on ( Settings->General->Siri ) and you must be connected to the internet. A microphone will appear on your keyboard – tap it to begin dictating

6) To turn off notifications from appearing in the notification center go to Settings->Notifications->(chose the app to remove) ->Select none for the Alert style, then turn notification center off

7) Press the on/off button to silence a ringing phone, press twice quickly to send the call straight to voice mail

8) Block calls but not the internet ->Settings-> (turn airplane mode on) Go to WiFi and turn it on

9) To use a different signature on different email accounts go to Settings->Mail,Contacts,Calendars->Signature and check Per Account

10) To get written map directions instead of spoken, tap the icon that looks like a list next to the 3D icon on the bottom left of the maps view

11) Go to Settings->Maps and change the label size ( scroll to bottom) to small to get more detail on your maps

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