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iPhone Wallpaper Photos

Your iPhone photo library syncs with a folder on your computer. Plug in your phone, go to iTunes->Devices->Photos and select a folder to sync photos into (iPhonePhotos ).

Now when you sync your iPhone up comes Image Capture. Choose another folder (iPhonePhotoDownloads) to put photos into that you download from your iPhone. All photos you take on your device are downloaded to that folder.

* If Image Capture does not start automatically, you’ll find it in your Apps folder, just start it manually.

Once your photos are downloaded you’ll want to crop or shrink them to 480×360. If you do not iTunes will alter them and it usually rotates the photo sideways when it does so. So resize your photos, then move them from iPhonePhotoDownloads to iPhonePhotos.

Next time you sync the photos you took, resized and moved will be in your iPhone Photo Library.