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iPhone tips and tricks you might not know

To MMS a map of your location: Go to Google Maps; when it finds you tap the blue arrow; tap ‘share location’

To remember where you parked the car, go to Google Maps, when it finds you tap the blue arrow, then ‘add to bookmarks’. To find the car again go to Google Maps; tap the page curl on the bottom right, go to ‘list’.

When sending a text, shake the iPhone to bring up the undo option.

If your icons suddenly get too large for the screen use 3 fingers to scroll and 3 finger double taps to change size.

To erase everything on your iPhone go to Settings->General->Reset ( Reset is at the very bottom of the page )

When typing an URL hold the “.com” key to select from .net, .edu, .org

When typing a URL hold the key for the first letter and a list of previous URLs beginning with that letter will appear.

To restart music while screen is dimmed just press the home button fast twice and you won’t have to unlock phone to start the music again.

In Google maps double tap with one finger to zoom in, tap once with two fingers to zoom out.

To drop a pin on Google maps, tap the page curl button on bottom right and an option to drop a pin will appear. Tap the blue arrow on the pin to get to the option to remove it.

Click your headphones once to answer a call or pause a song, twice to skip to the next song, three clicks to go to previous song.

To take a screen shot from your iPhone hold down the round home button and click the power button.

To add or remove contacts from groups you must do it in the address book on your computer.

Is your iPhone backup taking forever?
Try this:
1) if you have a lot of photos, delete as many as you can

2) Clear your crash reports folder ( Detailed directions )
a) stop the sync
b) uncheck sync automatically
c) disconnect and reconnect the phone
d) right click on the phone in iTunes and from the pop up menu click reset warnings
e) start the sync and when the window comes up asking to send crash information to Apple, tell it no.