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WordPress on the iPhone

The new WordPress 2.6 broke my favorite mobile interface plugin. That is not good. So I was happy to see an iPhone WordPress application.

The application lets you edit your most recent posts, create a new post, upload a photo to a post, and publish a post.

What is missing is the ability to delete a post, or edit a comment, or post a comment or approve or disapprove a pending comment. I’m hoping this shows up in future versions.

What the iPhone WordPress application does, it does well. I’m hoping other iPhone WordPress applications will follow, or this one will get fleshed out more. Better yet would be a fix for the mobile interface plugin.

In the meantime we shall make do with what’s available.

I tried setting up email to use to blog from my cell phone with WordPress. While it worked effortlessly when I emailed from my desktop computer, all emails from my cell phone were placed in a ‘hold’ instead of being published. Posting by email does not handle images.

You can set up Flickr to push email posts to your WordPress blog as another alternative. But I think you’ll find the iPhone WordPress application does just fine.