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Still unable to store and read PDFs on the iPhone

This is probably the thing I miss most about my old Palm and the one thing that held me back so long from buying an iPhone.  There is no way to store / read pdfs on the iPhone.

If you have an internet connection you can store a bunch of pdfs in a mailbox and then download each one and read it while you have an internet connection.  That was useless under edge and is only  a slightly better option on 3G.  It forgets where you are in the document each time.

So it was with great anticipation I downloaded and installed FileMagnet.  FileMagnet does what it says it does, it allows you to transfer pdfs (and other documents) to your iPhone and access them while offline.

What it doesn’t tell you is there is no landscape mode, or text mode, so you have to scroll back and forth through each line you read.  It also doesn’t remember where you are in the document.

So you can either store a pdf on your iPhone or read a pdf on your iPhone but not both.  At least not yet.

I’m still hoping Adobe will step up and fix this problem.