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Phone 3G first notes

I love it.

The new phone gets a signal in the house which the old one would not. That’s a huge plus.

We are at the edge of a 3G network. If I stand out back on one leg and face north I get 3G. Otherwise a short walk down the street puts me in 3G. What a difference it makes. In the city 3G is everywhere and that’s when I need it most, when I’m not home.

So far battery life is fine. It was rough the first day, but I was playing with the phone a lot. It was better the second day. Today it is fine. Remember it takes about a week to properly break in the cell phone batteries so that they will hold a full charge.

The screen is fine. It does not appear yellow to me. It is crisper and brighter. In a million folks I guess you just can’t please them all.

The form is nice, the old phone feels clunky in my hands now.

The apps will get better. It took Palm a while to get some good applications. Palm never did give us gps before they vanished. This phone has gps which opens a whole new world of cool application possibilities. Windows Mobile has some great applications for their phones. Ours will be coming.

I am synching the old phone and the new with the same computer. I did give the old one a different name ( click on the name when the phone is hooked into iTunes and it will let you edit the name ).

The calendars got a bit confused at first when I synced both phones. I deleted the events in the old phone and told iTunes to over write the old phone calendar with the computer copy. That straightened everything out.

If you put your old phone in airplane mode and turn on wifi it will quick whining about not being able to activate.

If you’ve gotten a new phone number don’t forget to add it to the ‘Do not call list’.

I’m still wishing for a pdf reader that will let me store several pdfs on the iPhone. Other’n that all is right and wonderful.

The anti-glare screen covers (Power Support anti-glare screens ) you can buy at the Apple store do a great job of masking fingerprints. It makes the phone much easier to read outdoors as well.

If your contact list is slow loading and slow responding to your taps, try removing the Google application and shutting off and restarting your phone. It worked for me.