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I waited in line for the 3G iPhone and scored

Those idiots you saw waiting in line for a phone Friday? I was one of them. Who’d’ve thought it? I’ve never waited in life for anything in my life. But I thought it would be fun and it was. 5 hours of dancing cows, food brought to us by Apple store employees and the local Chick-Fil-A and Godiver stores, and lots of geeky conversation to pass the time. It was fun.

And we scored! Two shiny new white 16gb 3G iPhones.

Here’s some things you’ll want to know.

You can still use your old phone as an iPod touch. Leave the old sim card in place or it won’t sync. It work fine as an iPod and with the wireless network here at the house.

The new phone is lighter, brighter and feels much slicker. The old one feels clunky now.

3G fades in and out here at the house. I expect the ATT network will be hammered for a few weeks.

The app store is painless to use. Most of the apps are not yet impressive, that will come with time.

The phone calls are much clearer and louder.

You can now follow yourself on Google maps, be sure to look up and wave to the satellite.

Yahoo pushes mail to your phone, Google does not. ( I’m hoping Google fixes that soon ).

All your passwords get erased when you switch phones. Be sure you know what they are.

Zenbe makes a very nice free todo list.

Urbanspoon is lots of fun but doesn’t have a whole lot of restaurants listed yet.

Picture messaging is still missing. Perhaps that will come when Apple gets the app server up and running in August?

If you are still hunting for an iPhone check out Find your iPhone, you put in the model you desire, your zip code, and it returns the nearest location that has it in stock.