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3 cool things to do with Twitter from your mobile phone

I’ve been hearing a lot about Twitter this year. I signed up for an account and there it sat while I tried to figure out what to do with it.

Recently I attended a blogging convention and learned all sorts of cool information on what you can do to make life easier with Twitter and your mobile phone.

First you sign up for a free Twitter account. Then go to settings->devices and follow the directions to add your cell phone.

Then you can:
1 ) Send appointments to your Google calendar. Add GCal as a friend (follow ) in your Twitter account and grant access to your Google calendar here. Then you can text from your phone to 40404 d gcal meeting Tom 7am tomorrow and your appointment will be added to your Google Calendar.

2 ) Write reminders for yourself, text ‘pick up milk’, ‘don’t forget to pick up children’, etc. You can look at your Twitter account anytime from your cell phone and see your list of things to do.

3 ) Leave notes for your family and friends. Text a twitter ‘running late’, ‘kidnapped by aliens’ etc to let everyone know what’s happening with you. It’s easier than texting everyone.

I’m still getting the hang of Twitter and finding uses for it. It’s far more useful than I thought it would be. Don’t be the last on your block to get a Twitter account because all the good user names will be gone soon.

You can also use Twitterfone to do all this by voice from your phone.