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Is that a supercomputer in your pocket?

Way back when in the dark days of computing we all had dumb terminals that hooked into a mainframe computer.   Your smart phone ( Palm/Blackberry/WindowsMobile) acts like a desktop computer with its own processor and software.

But what if we also made it behave like a dumb terminal (iPhone)? You could access the fastest computers and unlimited storage and memory. This is the first of I’m sure many such applications to come.

Accenture’s “Pocket Supercomputer” is in fact a phone behaving like a thin client. It can be used to send images and video of objects in real time to a server where they can be identified and linked to relevant information, which can then be sent back to the user.

The camera on the phone is used to take a video of an object — such as a book. According to the Accenture, the server software is smart enough to recognize the cover of the book — it’s not yet able to read text — and can then, for example, return the price and history of the book, and details of where it can be bought. . . [read more Accenture demos the ‘Pocket Supercomputer’]

If Apple fixed the bandwidth problem with the iPhone by moving it to a 3G network we will likely see a whole lot more of this type of application.