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Although I love my iPhone there are many things missing from the phone.  The biggest omission is the inability to store documents.  I’m really hoping someone will fix that soon.

I’ve learned to think of my iPhone as a dumb terminal rather than a smart phone that is only really useful when hooked to the central server.  Which means I’m getting to know all the local free wifi spots.

While I can’t store pdfs on my iPhone, I have mailed them all to a Yahoo email address I set up just for this purpose.  So any papers I’m reading I can get to from those emails.  One paper to an email and the subject line is the title of the paper.  There are several tricks online for storing pdfs on your iPhone, I’ve yet to get one to work for me.   I’m not sure any of the pdf tricks I’ve seen so far are worth the trouble.

So to keep my brain from getting mushy I downloaded a bunch of Google Tech Talk videos and I’ve been visiting the Podcast U section of the iTunes store and downloading university lectures.

The todo list is another glaring hole in iPhone applications.  I’ve been using the note pad, one note per category and listing my todos one per line.

Streaming radio can be found at FlyTunes

I can’t write and post to my WordPress blogs from my iPhone without the iTunes/WM plugin . I can use the Flickr email and take a picture, write a blog post and send it through Flickr to my WordPress blogs. Blogger will easily let you post by email.

I miss having ebooks on my phone.  For that I’ve been loading up on Free audio books.

So until things change and I’m hoping they will, that’s how I’m filling in the worst of the missing pieces from the iPhone. But that screen and battery life sure do a lot to compensate for the iPhone’s shortfalls.

The Apple cleaning rag that comes with the phone doesn’t do a good job of cleaning the screen. I use a 3M High Performance Cleaning Cloth that I’ve cut into smaller pieces.   You can find them at Amazon or your local discount stores, like Walmart.