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How to locate free WiFi for your iPhone or laptop

One of the first things you do with an iPhone is locate all the local free wifi spots. Edge just doesn’t cut it after using Sprints high speed network.

Starbucks and ATT are going to be offering 2 hours free wifi a day to registered holders of Starbucks cards this spring. No startup date yet.

JiWire Wifi finder is easy to use from your phone and will locate many but not all of the free wifi spots near you. Just type in a zip code or city.

Free wifi lists more locations than JiWire but is best used from your home computer. You can use it on your phone but it’s not the more phone friendly site.

Free Wi-Fi also lists free wifi by company which is sometimes an easier way to find free wifi as it becomes more common.

Mashable has a lengthly list of web resources for finding wifi many are for wifi outside the US.