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Unofficial Sprint Mogul update on the lose

* The official update is out and available

I’m not sure if Sprint leaked this or someone set it free on his/her own but the test release for Moguls update is out. I’ve installed it and am thrilled. Rev A is working as is GPS.

If you are comfortable hacking your phone, check out
PPC Geeks or Xda Developers for downloads and more information.

Remember this is not for the faint of heart, rumor has it the official release will be out in March for those of you preferring the cutting edge to the bleeding edge.

We had no problems flashing two phones. Using Virtal PC from the Mac.

GPS seems to take a while to get going and the internet seemed flaky for a while but settled down in a few hours. Most people report needing to set the GPS to Com 4 to work, Com 2 worked here. Go figure.

Google Maps and Windows Live both use the GPS just fine once you get the first lock.

Official HTC Sprint Mogul update Releases

Add GPS to the HTC Mobul

Check here if you are having trouble or have questions about the GPS