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HTC Touch Cube ported for other WM6 phones

So you have a Window’s Mobile phone, the iPhone interface is old news and you’re lusting after the Touch. Again the folks at PPC Geeks (thread ) have put together a cool interface for your phone. I have it working on my Mogul and it was painless to install. ( And it plays nice with your HTC Touch Today Screen ). You’ll have to experiment to see if it will work on other phones.

The files you need are in the first post of the thread above, download and install them same as you would any program. You MUST then do a soft reset for the cube to work.

There is a You Tube demo of it if you want a peek first.

I couldn’t get the customizer that comes with it to work, I had to use PHM Registry Editor. But I needed to install and learn to use a registry editor anyhow. There’s a weirdness to the registry editors. Type your changes, count to 3, turn off phone, count to 3, turn on phone count to 3, turn off phone, count to 3, soft reboot. You have to flush the cache for the changes to take place properly.

The Touch Key board can be found here

If you are looking for some of the other cool HTC Touch programs check XDA Developers (thread). Be sure to read the comments and follow the directions.