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Finally some competition for Missing Sync

Eltima Sync Mate is a free sync tool for your WM phone to sync with your Mac. If you are using a Windows Mobile phone and a Mac computer up till now your only choice has been Missing Sync which is a hefty $40.

Sync Mate did a good job on the calendar and contacts and all. It wouldn’t install a file for me from my computer to my phone. All else appears to have worked.  However it broke something with MissingSync.  I have exported, deleted and reimported my calendar and deleted tasks and did a hard reset on the phone and MissingSync will no longer work.  I’ve even hunted down and wiped all the various caches and wiped and re-installed MissingSync.  So now I’m syncing on my laptop.

Missing Sync does an excellent job though this most recent version has been a bit flaky under OSX 10.5. I’m betting there’ll be a patch soon.

Bottom line is spend the money for MissingSync if the syncing is important to you, use the beta SyncMate otherwise.  Just don’t play with both.