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Cellphone camera tips

Most of these tips you are already familiar with, but there’s a few new ones:

Keep the lens clean
Fill your frame
Hold your hand over the camera to shield it from the glare of the sun[ read more Cellphone camera tips]

But more interesting is the How to take amazing mobile phone photos section with tips. There are many excellent cell phone photos so you can see what it is possible to accomplish with your mobile phone.

Also on your Window Mobile phone – if you have light settings ( auto – indoor – outdoor – lightbulb ) select the lightbulb setting for all your photos.  This will get rid of that orange tone showing up in your photos.

I’ve also read that changing the registry setting from

HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE\Software\HTC\Camera\P2\MainCamSupportCaptSize from 10 to 58 ( 0xA to 0x3A ) helps. I’m not sure what that does, I couldn’t see any difference in my pictures but try it and see. Perhaps it will benefit your photos?