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How to photo blog from your smart phone to your WordPress or Blogger blog

Any phone that has a camera and email will let you post to your blog via Flickr.  Most blogging software will work.  I’ve used this from my Palm, WM phone and from my iPhone.

You can just as easily blog to your WordPress blog as to your via Flickr.

First set things up with Flickr->Log on->Go to You->YourAccount->Go to Extending Flickr->Go to Your Blogs->Edit

You can then add a blog [Blogger and WordPress are painless to set up] Just give it the url and user name and password. You can also adjust the how the layout of the post will appear. Flickr will give you an email address which you can attach pictures and write a post. Any email sent to that address will be posted to your Flickr account and to your blog.