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Network error 3000

** Sept. 22
Palm has re-released the Verizon update. Download it and re-flash your phone and all should be well. ( we hope ) Palm support downloads

** Aug. 15th
Palm Blog Treo 700 Series Software Updates says Palm is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.

** Aug. 13th

Bad hack is better than no hack . . .
We’ve determined that, if I don’t make (or take) any calls after my most recent reboot, data transmission seems to work fine. . .

It’s a lousy fix but might help you in a pinch until a patch or real fix comes through
** end update

** Aug. 12th
The Verizon updates have been pulled because of ‘Error 3000’ messages. The message says they are investigating and will repost the patch as soon as they are able. No patch, no work arounds yet from Palm yet either. Technically ‘Error 3000’ just means the network is busy. In the real world it is used as a catch-all for lots of errors.
** end update

Several Verizon users are getting ‘Error 3000’ when they try to connect to the internet on their Treos after doing the 1.10 update.

I did some digging around and a small number of Sprint users are also getting the message. Some of the postings on forums go back to January though, long before the update. Many users are also not using Treos.

Sanyo users report success setting the phone to 1x rather than EVDO. Some users report success after having Sprint reset their phones.

Error Code 3000/Network Timeout/Please try again thread

Some users report success after powering down the Treo, popping the battery and restarting them. ( note this posting is from Dec 06 )

A Sanyo user in NZ reports fixing this error by re-inputting all his network information

There are also Rumors that Palm is working on a patch to fix this. No official notice here just rumors so far.

My phone is not getting this error so I can not test these for you. I suggest trying to shut down the phone, pop the battery trick first. Checking and double checking all network phone settings are set. If anyone finds something works here for him/her leave a note for those who will read this after you. And keep an eye on the Palm support page in case a patch does arrive

It looks like Network Error 3000 is often on the phone companies end of things. Getting them to erase and redo your phone programming on their end of things will often get rid of the error.