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If your smart phone isn’t a Treo but you still want easy net access

Then check out GetFrog.com

This is just a simple portal but it’s a bit easier to use for those of you who don’t have a full keyboard.

You visit GetFrog on your PC and choose 4 icons to go with the 5 default icons {weather, Google, Orbitz flight information, restaurant information and Fandango}.

There are many icons to choose from. GetFrog sends you a link to your homepage with them. You click on the link from your cell phone email. I couldn’t get the link to work and ended up typing it in. But either way once you have loaded your home page and bookmarked it you’re set. So the worst case is you only have to type it in one time. Also new mobile web users may not have email set up on the phone. You could cut and paste it from your email and text it to yourself also I suppose.

You just click on the button and off you go. It is much easier than typing in urls, or trying to click on links on a small screened smart phone.

If you are new to using the web on your phone it is a good place to start.