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Installing Java on your Palm mobile phone

* Nov 6, 2009 This is not for the Palm Pre, this only works on Treo and earlier versions.

* In another lame business move Palm will no longer be offering the JVM. Be sure to download it before Jan. 12th 2008.

** Here are the two files you will need for the basic install java.tar.gz. If you need other files they can be downloaded individually at jakestern.com. They are also available for download on the Sprint User Forums.

As more smart phones come into being, more applications are being written in Java for mobile devices. Almost all smart phones have a Java machine available to them. So you can write one application for many phones.

Many people don’t like having to install the Java machine on their phones to run these applications. However, once it is installed the applications have icons and run just like native applications.

You can download Java for Palm IBM WebSphere

*7/26/07 A new Java VM has been put out by IBM.
1) Go to the above link and download the JVM.zip or JVM.sit.
2) Expand it.
3) You will need 2 files: J9JavaVMMidp20.prc, J9JavaVMCheck_enUS.prc. Both these files are in PalmOS JVM->JVM->ARM4T. Just install these using your Palm Desktop software same as you would any other software.

( if you are not an English speaker you will need 3 files J9JavaVMMidp20.prc, J9JavaVMMidp20_xx.prc, and JavaVMCheck_xxXX.prc where xx is the code for your language )

You should re-boot your phone after installing the JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ).

Java applications are then loaded onto your phone by going to the website with the application using your web browser and following the directions.

After you install your JVM go into Prefs. You’ll see a new section at the bottom for Java. Go into there and set the memory and threads to as high has you can for best performance.

GetJAR has tons of free software you can download. Some good, some junk.
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